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Bounty Rum & Cola

Bounty Rum & ColaBounty Rum & Cola

As it reads on the label “ready to drink” … now that’s the way they should make more drinks! How convenient would that be?  Just think about it, you make a quick stop at 7-11 and grab a 40 of gin martini (olives floating right in the bottle) or or a six pack of Mai Tai’s.  My next BBQ I’d like to tap a keg of Long Island Iced Tea… now that would be a gathering you’d never forget… if you could remember!

Can’t give the recipe since it’s “ready to drink” and I’m not sure if it’s only sold in Fiji but I found a website that sells it: http://www.pmeghji.com/product_info.php/products_id/339

Drink Tip: Ignore the snarky “starting early today” comment from the receptionist as you stroll through the hotel lobby at 10am sipping your tasty Bounty beverage… I’m on holiday beeyatch!

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