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Flaming Ring Of Fire

Flaming Ring Of Fire

Flaming Ring Of Fire

Flaming Ring Of Fire – Today’s drink from “the book” is in commemoration of the birth of the modern circus (do circuses still exist?)  I take this very seriously so I went out in the backyard, built a ring of fire and jumped through it (see photo above) no Photoshopping going on here, it’s all real, believe me.

How to make your own flaming ring of fire:

  • 1 large hula-hoop
  • a bunch of old rags and towels
  • 1 can of kerosene

Soak the old rags in kerosene and then wrap them around the hula-hoop. Stand the kerosene soaked hula-hoop upright (if it keeps falling over have someone hold the hula-hoop but make sure they are wearing an oven mitt.)  Light the hula-hoop on fire, get a running start and dive through it.  Make sure you tuck and roll when you land, this serves two purposes – One, it help break your fall and two, it will help put out the flames as you will have most likely burst into flames when you jumped through the ring.

Nervous about jumping through the flaming ring of fire?  Then take a shot of this first to help build up your courage:

  • ½ oz rum
  • ½ oz whiskey
  • 4-5 drops of Tabasco sauce

Drink Tip: To score extra style points, do the shot as you’re jumping through the flaming ring of fire!

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