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Firefly Ginger Glow

Firefly Ginger Glow

Firefly Ginger Glow

Firefly Ginger Glow – Yup, you heard me right, my drink tonight was a Firefly Ginger Glow… and that look on your face right now is the same look the waitress gave me when I ordered it … the look of  “What? Are you serious, you really want that?”

Currently in Park City,UT and we stopped into this little pizzeria for dinner and remembered that I hadn’t had my drink of the day yet (great pizza btw)..  since the whole point of this “project” is to have a different mixed drink every day I figured (since I’m not going by the book today) the best strategy was to pick the most random and obscure drink on the menu  to prevent the chance of repeating a drink six months from now… so… Firefly Ginger Glow was the lucky winner!

What’s a Firefly Ginger Glow?:

  • Sweet Tea vodka
  • ginger ale
  • lemon wedge
    (Mix to taste… I don’t know the amounts of any of the ingredients since I didn’t mix it up myself)

Drink Tip: If you wanna keep your dignity… don’t order this…

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