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Blood & Sand

Blood & Sand

Blood & Sand

Blood & Sand – Had lunch at a restaurant today called Squatters… I explained to the bartender my little ‘different drink every day‘ project I’ve got going on and asked if he could get creative and mix me up something something special… something unique to the Park City area, so he came up with a Blood & Sand.  “A Blood & Sand isn’t unique” you say… well the drink itself may not be unique but how he made it is… he used High West Whiskey that is made at a distillery right in Park City which is one of only two distilleries in the entire state in Utah! (From what I hear, Mormons aren’t big on the whole drinking thing….)

Blood & Sand (Utah style):

  • High West Whiskey
  • orange juice
  • grenadine

Drink Tip: Drink at your own risk! Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, Go strait to the telestial kingdom and spend the next 1000 years in spirit prison!

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