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TV Cocktail

TV Cocktail

TV Cocktail

TV Cocktail – Vodka and iced tea, that’s it… seems like a lazy kind of cocktail to me.  Commercials are usually around five minutes long so I think you’ve got enough time to make something a better than just iced tea with a little bit of vodka in it.  I’m a big fan of TV… love it, watch it all the time and I think it deserves something more interesting, something with more creativity and thought put into it than just iced tea with vodka!  I mean what kind of person came up with this drink?  Must have been someone who watches reality TV… I hate those bastards!  Stupid shows with wanna-be celebrities with their fake problems and made up drama… no creativity at all just like this drink!  C’mon – now a Long Island Iced Tea… five different kinds of alcohol and not a drop of actual iced tea in it… now there’s some creativity for ya, that’s a drink!

How to make the TV Cocktail:

  • turn off the reality TV
  • turn on the gas and stick your head in the oven

Drink Tip: If you watch reality TV just follow the instruction above… if not, make something different.

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