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Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian – Deviation form the book again today – I was out so I stopped at a bar to get my drink of the day.  They had a drink called a Surf Zombie and since I had a regular Zombie yesterday I thought I’d give it a try… turns out it was the same exact thing they just added “surf” to the name to make it their own “special drink”…. so after knocking that one back I ordered the next drink on the list… a Blue Hawaiian (it’s a surfing themed bar/restaurant if you haven’t caught on yet.)  Their Blue Hawaiian came out a little green but it all works the same…

Blue Hawaiian:

  • rum
  • vodka
  • blue curacao
  • pineapple juice

Drink Tip: More of a question than a tip… yellow and blue = green (pineapple juice and blue curacao)  Anyone know how to make this drink come out blue? The bartender couldn’t figure it out either…

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