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Alamo Cocktail

V mix drink cocktail recipe with whiskey, tequila, 151 rum and hot sauce.

Alamo Cocktail

Alamo Cocktail Those guys at the Alamo got off easy compared to what I’m doing right now… sure there were only 189 of them against 2,000 Mexicans and they all got slaughtered but hey, at least they were out in the fresh air and only had to die one death!  I’m sitting in the house experiencing an excruciating death with every sip of this drink that I take!  First there’s the burn in the back of the throat that makes me cough like a two-pack a day smoker… then, like a cat clawing a seat cushion, it travels down the esophagus into my stomach creating a reenactment of the Hindenburg disaster (Oh, the humanity!) before traveling back up my chest pushing my heart aside like a Black-Friday Walmart Christmas shopper causing me to leap to my feet and cry out like Chewbacca in heat…. I then pace back in forth across the room giving my head time to clear and the burning in my ears to subside before I sit back down and take another sip… you should try it…

Alamo Cocktail:

  • 1½ oz bourbon whiskey
  • 1½ oz tequila
  • 1½ oz 151 proof rum
  • ½ oz hot sauce
  • a dash of black pepper

Drink Tip: Make sure your insurance premiums are paid and consult your doctor before drinking…

I think this video perfectly shows what each sip is like:

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