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Mimosa made from orange juice and champagne


Mimosa – It’s a calm and quite beautiful morning as I step outside to breath in the fresh air and listed to the playful chirp of birds in the trees. Through the stillness of the morning I hear a faint popping noise and then another and another… each pop followed by an excited squeal and laugh… Yes, it’s the weekend (actually it’s Monday but just go with me here…), it’s time for brunch and right now soccer moms, middle-age divorcées, and blue haired widows all across America are popping bottles of champagne and sparkling wine as they mix up their favorite alcoholic breakfast drink – the Mimosa. Now for obvious reasons I don’t fall into the aforementioned categories (besides, I’m more of a Bloody-Mary man myself) but any reason to drink in the morning is OK with me!


  • champagne
  • orange juice

Drink Tip: Most common mix is half champagne and half orange juice but it doesn’t really matter, mix to your own taste and start the day off with the bubbles flowing!

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