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Special Delivery

Special Delivery mixed drink cocktail recipe and review

Hey baby, I got a Special Delivery for ya 😉

Special Delivery – According to the book, on this date back in the 1800’s congress decided that it was illegal to send any kind of pornographic material in the mail.  They later eased up a bit and decided it was OK if the material had some literary value ~ whatever that means? The Supreme Court addressed the issue again in the 1970’s and when Justice Stewart was asked how to determine what’s legal and what’s not, he replied “I know it when I see it.” Again, seems a little vague and open to interpretation.

Taken directly from the post office website:
13.5.4 Lewd or Filthy Matter
Obscene, lewd, lascivious, or filthy publications or writings, or mail containing information on where, how, or from whom such matter may be obtained, and matter that is otherwise mailable but that has on its wrapper or envelope any indecent, lewd, lascivious, or obscene writing or printing, and any mail containing any filthy, vile, or indecent thing is nonmailable (18 USC 1461, 1463).

From the little bit of research I did, this applies not only to the post office but to the distribution of naughty material in any form… mail, e-mail, web, or just handing something to another person… so that probably means that 98% of the websites on the internet are technically illegal and when it comes to email and cell phone cameras… we’re all criminals!

So anyway… This has nothing to do with me, I’m just bringing the drinks, whatever happens after that, as long as we don’t distribute the photos, we’re good…

Special Delivery:

  • ½ oz Southern Comfort
  • ½ oz peach Schnapps
  • 2½ oz sour mix
  • 2½ oz lemon-lime soda

Drink Tip: Personal preference but I like to go easy on the sour mix and use a little less.

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