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Royal Butt

Royal Butt drink recipe

Royal Butt is the drink but I have no idea what's going on here...

Royal Butt – OK, so the drink of the day is a Royal Butt and the book said it has something to do with the discovery of the planet Uranus and how it was named…but, for some reason when I saw the words “Royal Butt” the first thing that pops into my mind is a bunch of 18th century French aristocrats running around, partying and spanking the maids… hey, I’m not saying I’m into that sort of thing but that’s what came to mind.

Not a bad shot at all, I kinda like a bit of butterscotch flavor added to the whiskey, maybe Werthers should come out with some whiskey candy…

How to get your own Royal Butt:

  • ½ oz whiskey
  • ½ oz butterscotch liqueur

Drink Tip: Throw yourself a French aristocrat themed party, start pouring the shots and see what happens…

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