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Death From Above

Death From Above drink recipe

Death From Above

Death From Above: Yes, death from above is right… death that rains down fire and glass shrapnel from above!  OK, so maybe this is my fault… we’ve all learned back in 3rd grade science class that mixing hot and cold can have a violent reaction… but I was following the instruction in “the book”… I’m a very trusting kind of guy!

Death From Above:

  • 1 oz bacardi 151 rum (yes, you read that right…1 oz)
  • 1 oz gin
  • 3 oz cola

Drink Tip: The instructions I had said to freeze the glass so it’s nice and cold.  Pour in the rum and gin, light it on fire and then our in the Coke…  I did all that, lit it on fire, poured in the cola (Dr. Pepper) and then *ka-pow* … so my tip… if ya wanna play with fire, don’t freeze the glass…

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