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Parisian Cocktail

Parisian Cocktail drink recipe

Parisian Cocktail

Parisian Cocktail – What better way to commemorate the opening of the Eiffel Tower and in true ugly American style, get liqueured up, climbing the Eiffel Tour and spitting on tourists below?  Slight problem… I’m not in Paris so I’ll just have to settle for gettin’ liqueured up and shouting French slurs at the Mexican landscapers working below my apartment balcony…

Parisian Cocktail:

  • 1 oz dry vermouth
  • 1 oz gin
  • 1/4 oz  crème de cassis

Drink Tip: Before getting drunk and shouting obscenities at people outside your home, make sure you have an escape rout, you’d be surprised at teh damage a leaf blower can do when used as a weapon…

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