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Horney Grandma

Horney GrandmaHorney Grandma

One of the challenges when I’m having my “drink of the day” while out at a restaurant or bar is finding something unique that I haven’t had yet this year.  When I explain to the bartender or waiter my “different drink every day for an entire year” resolution and ask if they have a unique house special or something local that you don’t find anywhere else… some will be helpful and get creative in coming up with something but most… eh, not so much.  Most will say they  don’t know… whatever is in the menu… and that’s where we got today’s horney grandma – in the menu.  Why on earth would you ever put a horney grandma in the menu?  Other than someone like me, who is looking for the most obscure drink listed, would ever say “Ahhh yeah, I think I ‘ll go for the horney grandma.”  I realize “horney” part is a play off of the Hornitos tequila used but why did you have to drag grandma into this?

Horney Grandma margarita recipe:

  • Hornitos Silver Tequila
  • Triple Sec
  • Grand Marnier (maybe the “grand” is where they got grandma…? But c’mon they must be something else that is grand that you can pair with horney!)

Drink Tip: Go ahead, try your best when ordering but when I tried to be funny with the cute waitress when ordering the horney grandma… I got no-reaction-at-all… yeah….

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