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Mile High Fruit Cup

Mile High Fruit Cup

Mile High Fruit Cup drink recipe

Mile High Fruit Cup

OK, so I got a little creative with my drink (I’m travelling so you’ll probably see some more “creative” drinks over the next couple weeks.)  The plan was to get to the airport (LAX) early and park my ass at the bar and enjoy the drink of the day… Well, lets just say the plan didn’t work out so I had to concoct a drink on the airplane from my in-flight snack and the limited selection of nips available.  But hey, who knows, after a few of these maybe you’ll have the opportunity to join some other mile high club 😉

Mile High Fruit Cup Recipe:

  • Diet Coke
  • Vodka
  • Garnish with whatever fruit you’ve got

Drink Tip: The fruit is what gives the drink its name… feel free to mix and match whatever is available from the drink cart! Oh, and you have to wait until you’re at least a mile high…

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