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Smugglers Bounty

Smugglers BountySmugglers Bounty

Arrived in Fiji yesterday and like most trips I take, I don’t do a whole lot of pre-planning… I arrived in the country and hadn’t booked a hotel or even researched places to stay, just hopped in a cab and asked him to take us somewhere. So of course he took us over to one of the luxury hotels in Denarau.  Really nice place but too expensive , too family friendly (lot’s of families with little kids), and lastly… why visit another country if your just going to wall yourself up in an all-inclusive resort with other tourists?  So today we found a place less… well, just less (less money, amenities, and kids.)   Of cours it’s still a hotel for tourists but in cheap places you seem to have a little more contact with locals…

…anyway, to make a long story short the place we’re staying in tonight is called Smugglers Cove so what better drink to have for the drink of the day than a Smugglers Bounty!

Smugglers Bounty recipe:

  • Bounty Rum
  • Orange Juice
  • Coco Cream
  • Cherry

Drink Tip: It’s OK for a guy to have a little umbrella in his drink if one or all of the following criteria are met… tiki torches – check, grass huts/umbrellas – check, palm trees – check, an ocean view – check!

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