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Salvation Belgian Style Golden Ale


Review from wwwBeerAdvocate.com:

A: Clear orange/gold with a substantial, rocky white head that leaves behind some good lacing.

S: Belgian yeast and candy sugar, various tropical fruits, and hops.

T: Really juicy fruits up front. Tastes primarily of pear, apricot and lemon. Bit of your typical Belgian yeast and sugar follow, and ends with little bit of a hop bite and lingering fruit flavor. This one is actually quite complex for a BSPA.

M: Really creamy, especially for a BSPA. I guess it’s not a bad thing because it helps coat the mouth with the wonderful fruit flavors.

O: Another win for Avery in my books. Mouthfeel is the weak point, but the flavors are really nice and complex. It’s a nice twist on the BSPA, with the myriad of different fruit flavors rushing the palate. In my opinion and experience, these type of fruits don’t typically show up TOO much in the BSPA category, so it was pretty interesting overall.

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