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Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple Mojito

Brazilian Pineapple Mojito

Yes, a pineapple mojito, for when mint just isn’t enough… or when you need to have a different drink every day.  Had dinner tonight at some little restaurant down on Washington street in Venice (California not Italy) and as you can see from the pic of the menu in the above photo – I don’t have the measurements but – a Brazilian pinapple mojito has:

  • Fresh muddled pineapple
  • Mint
  • Lime
  • Sugar
  • Leblon Cachaca (didn’t know what this ingredient was so I Googled it… turns out that leblon cachaca is the 3rd most consumed spirit in the world!  Where have I been? Well, not Brazil where 99% of all this consumption occurs… I guess that’s what makes this mojito Brazilian.

Drink Tip: Lips to glass on this drink… trying to suck muddled pineapple through a straw will give you an aneurysm! (unless you get one of those boba tea straws)

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